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The community is created to secure the common to humanity interests of the members of society using the instruments and principles formulated in the Ideology of the Modern Civilization.

The community is striving for the harmonization of society, providing its members all the things necessary for life, developing of education, technologies and effective occupation.


  • For children – good educationand wonderful future;
  • For those who face problems –we will reveal your skills and findwork
  • For those who needaccommodation – home;
  • For entrepreneurs – funds(money);
  • For scientists – scale projectand recognition;
  • For heads of business – loyalstaff, reliable and professionalemployees
  • For leaders of territories orcountries – world recognition,loyal citizens who understandand forgive failures, political andeconomic structures effectivelysolving political and economicproblems.


By registering, you can send us a request or proposal to be considered a humanist point of modern society and compliance with the principles of harmonization of Civilization.

Your appeal will be summarized, and provided the relevance of its immediate implementation, to address the issue will attract a group of volunteers and the followers of the religion of civilization.

After registration you will be able to join the public movement "Peace People" and get the opportunity to become an activist of a religious group "Civilization."


Fundamental Belief is available at:
The ideology of the modern civilization. Contemporary Christian Civilization